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Board members, elected officials, and fellow club members,

As you know Range C has had some damage due to weather related events this past year that rendered it 50% unusable.
While I know you have talked about how to best rectify this situation, I wanted to expand the thought of working on the entirety of Range C and how it would benefit the club. 

I run a scheduled rifle match at ASC called Varmint For Score (VFS). The past 5 months we have been averaging 20+ people per match. These matches are advertised (talked about on a couple different forums) throughout the year, and attendance has grown 300% in just 3 years. They could grow even more in 2019, however this poses a problem when we only have 10 useable benches. We have had shooters decide to leave due this lack of bench issue, however this match has also brought new shooters to our club, and I personally know of 4 new members that came to our club as a direct results of just my match.   

While you are considering the budget for the new berm, we should also budget in the creation of more benches. I would even propose that my match raise the fee $5 per shooter to help recover those costs. That’s $100+ each match, and with 8 matches per year, an additional $800+ per year added to the budget.

There is space to add 9 more benches to the existing firing line without moving a single current bench. And if the bench was designed a little different, a single bench can support both a left handed and a right handed benchrest shooter’s equipment so that they can shoot in relays back to back without the tear down in between each relay you normally have with 2 right handed shooters sharing a bench. With this type of new bench configuration, this club could have the ability to host not just a better club match, but an occasional regional match also.

With more benches, there would undoubtly be more shooters (thus generating more revenue)

If you would allow a little out of the box thinking, and we could expand this range to 200 yards, you could open a whole new world to a different set of shooters, and possibly get a National events at Arlington Sportsmans Club. This would bring more traffic, revenue, and recognition to the club and everything else that goes along with that.   

I would like to suggest a meeting of the board members as well as all match directors that use Range C to meet on site and discuss possibilities so that all groups can be better supported.

I believe that this investment should be not just to repair what is broken, but to improve so it can continue to grow.

2017 Grand Totals

At Arlington Sportsman Club we shoot VFS matches on the 4th Saturday of the month from March - October. Check in time is 8:00am and we get started as close to 9:00am as possible. This is a very relaxed club match but is still competitive. We have 4 different classifications (AR, Factory, Modified, BR). The majority of the shooters shoot in BR class. You do not need to be a member of the club to shoot. The costs are only $5 per shooter for members and $10 for non members. Members under 18 always shoot free. Non members under 18 pay the $5 guest fee only.

The club is locate at 11500 County Road 525 Mansfield TX 76063

If you would like more information about our shoots, send me a message from the contact page, and I will be glad to call or email you.

For 2018, each monthly winner will receive a VFS 1st Place patch and we will be keeping stats for Shooter Of The Year.

2019 VFS match information

With the berm issues we are having at ASC in 2019, I don’t think we will be shooting VFS for a while there.
With that said, NTSA has stepped up, and will now be hosting monthly VFS matches at their range.
It will be the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in March. Start at 9:00 am.
They will be running 3 different classes. Benchrest, Tactical, and Rimfire.
Benchrest shoots the 100 yard target at 100 yards.
Tactical shoots the 200 yard target at 100 yards.
Rimfire shoots the 100 yard target at 50 yards.   

Cost will be $15 per match and 1st place will receive a prize.
The address to NTSA is 10948 Rector Rd Sanger Texas 76266
Best entrance point is from Milam road off 35.

Top 20 Total Scores for 2018

Open letter to the Board of Directors of ASC