All my bullets are made with the finest quality jackets, perfectly cut cores from Charlie Hood, and proven set of carbide dies from Bill Niemi. I offer two bullets with a .3083 pressure ring and in either a 7.5 ogive or a 10 ogive design. The 115 - 116's are made on a .925" jacket in 7.5 ogive only. The 118's are made on a 1.000" jacket in both 7.5 and 10 ogive. Bullets are offered based on avaiiblity of jackets and lot's are produced based on acceptance of cores. Each step taken is done precisely the same exact way as the time before. Careful notes taken each time to ensure that the process is followed to a tee so that the exact bullet can be made today that was made last year. Consistency is the name of the game in Benchrest, and it most certainly is in bullet making also.

I am currently not selling bullets