I only use Lapua brass when making my 6 ppc brass. Lapua brass is very high quality, and if properly sized after firing, will most likely outlast the barrel you are shooting it in. I first take Lapua 220 Russian brass and run the case over a K&M .243 expander mandrel to ensure the case mouth has expanded to closely fit the turner. I use a RCBS Rock Chucker single stage press with a K&M expander mandrel and Imperial sizing wax as a lubricant.

At this point I turn the brass to your specifications using a PMA shell holder chucked in a Dewalt 20volt cordless drill set on low speed. I use exclusively PMA model A neck turners with a K&M carbide cutting mandrel installed (this removes any inside donut that may have been formed during the necking up process). Most 6 ppc chambers require several cuts to be made on each piece of brass. I usually use 2 different cutters on each batch I make. I never remove more than .0015" - .002" per cut made. This helps ensure smooth cuts. When cutting the final cut, I always make two passes with the final cutter. Both passes are slow and smooth to ensure a consistent thickness on each piece. Each piece is then checked on a Sinclair digital micrometer.

At this point I take the brass and place it in my Thumblers Tumbler with SS media for approximately 45 minutes. This not only is to clean the lubricants out of the brass, but it also polishes the brass to a high gloss. I remove the brass from the tumbler and rinse it in cold tap water to remove the cleaning agents. Then I place the brass in a Frankford Arsenal brass dryer for 1-2 hours to ensure all liquid is removed from the inside of the brass. If you do not want the high gloss, please choose "not polished" when ordering, and I will skip the SS media step all together. This may leave some reminisce of the wax or turning oil on the brass, so this needs to be removed before the loading process is started

When you receive your brass, it is ready to size, prime and load. I do not trim to length or alter the primer pockets in any way as I believe this should be done after firing.