50   pcs turned neck $135 shipped

100 pcs turned neck $225 shipped

150 pcs turned neck $335 shipped

200 pcs turned neck $440 shipped


50   pcs no turn neck $100 shipped

100 pcs no turn neck $195

150 pcs no turn neck $290

200 pcs no turn neck $390 

Above are pictures of the three different options of 6 dasher brass I offer.

First picture is of a standard 6br along side of a formed dasher brass. Both for no turn neck chambers.

Second pic shows the two different processes of hydro forming brass. Running it through the die once produces the longer brass, but the shoulders are more round and still must have a firing to finish forming. Running it through the die a second time give the brass a sharper shoulder but causes the brass to be a bit shorter.

Third pic is the process I use if you have a tight necked chamber. I turn the brass to your desired thickness, then run it through the hydro die for forming. You can have either the longer rounded shoulders, or the shorter sharper shoulders.

I make 6 Dasher brass only from Lapua 6br brass. I use rubbing alcohol, the Hornady Hydro forming die, and a RCBS Rockchucker press. I have two process depending on how you want your brass formed. If you want your brass longer, I run it through the die once. If you want your brass a tad shorter but with sharper shoulders, I run it through the dies twice. Both process allow a high percentage of brass forming without wasted rounds down the barrel of your rifle. This process allows brass forming without the use of primers, powder, and bullets. This saves you not only time and money, but the wear and tear on your barrel.